HiBoost Signal Booster
Digital Fiber DAS (Mainland China only)


Output Power:27dBm

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Huaptec fully digital fiber DAS for extending mobile voice and broadband coverage (from 700 - 2600 MHz, including 2G, 3G and LTE) to indoor and outdoor area. Based on its flexible digital architecture, huaptec solution supports multiple operators, multiple mobile systems, and high-capacity installations for enviroments such as high rise buildings, shopping malls, offices, airports, and stadiums as well as other indoor and outdoor deployments. Power levels from 10 dBm to 43 dBm are available.

Digital fiber DAS is much more than replacing coax with fiber, the core network (MU and EU) will only deal with signal processing and covert RF signals to fiber signals and transmit over fiber with very small loss and no units (RU). Thus it is a flat network structure that changes the very strong single singal source of coax DAS to multiple remote units with small power. Each remote unit acts as a signal source for specific areas.

Due to the technical limitations, the traditional analog repeater can only works in a fixed frequency range and system, the operators have to use different equipments to deal with the different networks and different frequencies, which bring more and more equipment models into the network and makes the network deployment and management very difficult. Huaptec Digital Repeater support Multi System and Multi Sub Band.


- Very easy and quick to design and deploy fiber DAS since power distribution is only calculated based on each RU, reduce tremendously the time for commissioning and maintenance

- It's easy to achieve uniformed coverage

- Very easy to adjust the power levels in specific areas

- No loss in signal transmission and power dividing

- Each MU can connect maxium 500 RUS at the same time

- Support diversity network structure

- Support up to 4 system and digital repeater support up to 3 system in one hardware

- The fequency of sub band is adjustable and tunable through software

- Channel selective and support up to 16 channels

- Co-existing network and future extension

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