HiBoost Signal Booster
Single Band Selective Digital Repeater

Industrial Selective Digital Repeater, the frequency and sub-bands can be customized as per clients' demand 

outpower13dBm/17dBm/20dBm output power optional

frequency optionalBands:900/1800/2100MHZ

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Huaptec Single Band Selective Digital Repeaters are designed to support one mobile system and help mobile operators to 

amplify mobile signals indoor areas where 70% of the mobile traffic has been generated. With SDR technology, the system 

can easily adjust the sub-band and the channels by software to adapt to the operators' requirement without any change on 

the hardware.It provides cell coverage for 2G(900MHZ),3G(2100MHZ),4G(1800MHZ) networks in the areas with poor or no

 signal at all. 13dBm, 17dBm, 20dBm are available.

Multi operators' network can work on a single hardware platform of Huaptec and don't influence each other, can configure the sub band numbers and bandwidth according to the need. 


One repeater platform to realize all types: Multi Systems, Multi Sub Bands, Band Selective, Channel Selective, Hybrid 

Repeater(Band + Channel Selective), Smooth upgrade to future technologies.


It supports future bandwidth re-allocation: One operator may have one sub band initially, and later on will be allocated a new sub band by Huaptec digital repeaters, the new sub band can be added on by configuring through software. Or the operator may have initially 10MHZ, but later on expand to have 15MHZ, then the repeater can be configured easily to support 15MHZ.


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