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3G Signal Booster - Boost vodafone sure signal

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Coverage up to 5,000 Sq. Mt.

3G repeaterBoosts 2100MHz voice, text and data


Suitable for European, Africa and Middle East Users

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Vodafone is a british multinational telecommunications company and operates mobile networks in Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. More than 50 countries use their network service worldwide. In most countries, Vodafone use UMTS 2100 MHz as 3G network servcie. 

What's the difference between GSM and 3G?

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) so called 3G is a kind of mobile phone technology that transmit voice, text, video and multimedia data, broadband rates up to 2 Mbits per second which is more fast than GSM. 3G UMTS is based on GSM standard and its frequency (2100MHz) is higher than GSM(900MHz) too. Some mobile phones are dual system GSM/UMTS phones. It offers a consistent set of services to laptops and mobile phones users no matter where they are located in the world. If your mobile phones is dual GSM/UMTS compatible. HiBoost Dual Band(EW) will be the best solution to amplify both 2G voice and 3G data. If your mobile phone is single system of 3G. HiBoost 3G single band signal booster will be your most economical choice. No need to worry for it will also boost both voice and data too.  

Hi20-3G is a single band 3G signal booster that boost 3G voice and data in 2100 MHz frequency. It's the best mobile booster to boost Vodafone sure signal in Asia, Africa, Europe etc. Cover up to 5,000 square meters. Ideal for home and office use. 


- Boosts 3G voice and data

- Inteference-free to cell tower

- AGC and MGC function 

- LCD display real-time gain and power, easier for installation 

- Quality metal construction, strong and durable


3g signal booster work

All-In-One Solution Kit

single band booster kit

1-Outdoor Wide log-periodic Antenna
1-50ft (15.2m)Hiboost200 Low-loss Cable
1-2ft (0.6m) Hiboost200 Low-loss Cable
1-4-Way Splitter
4-30ft (9.1m) Hiboost200 Low-loss Cable  
4-Indoor Wide Band Panel Antenna

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