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HiBoost Mobile Phone Signal Booster

What is a mobile phone signal booster?

This is also named as RF repeater for boosting mobile phone signal reception in some limited area. The device functions like a small cellular base station with an external directional antenna to receive the mobile signal from the nearest cell tower and retransmits the signal at a higher level or onto the other side of an obstruction. So that the signal can cover longer distances. It means a mobile phone signal booster cannot produce the signals, just amplifies and entends the signal to poor signal area. So you must ensure when you want use the booster, must find a place where the signal strength is higher, usually be -85 dBm or 2 bars.

HiBoost Brand is presented with a series of wide-band mobile phone signal boosters designed for mobile phones users and enterprises. Extends 2G, 3G, 4G mobile phone signal for homes, offices and large commercial buildings. Base on different mobile network carriers' frequencies worldwide, Huaptec developed kinds of systems phone signal boosters to optimize network signal worked on 900/2100/800/1800/2600 MHz and enhance the cell signal coverage area.

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A full series of cell boosters include Single Band, Dual Band, Tri-Band and 5-Band. The following mobile phone boosters are used for Asian, European, Africa and Middel East mobile network users. Compatible with Vodafone, EE, Orange, Three, O2, MTN, Vodacom, Etisalat etc. carriers systems.

HiBoost Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Cell Boosters for Home (300-500 M2)

Enjoy smooth mobile internet connection and share the brightest emotions with your friends and family without restraint!

Cell Boosters for Office (1,000-8,000 M2)

Never miss an important conference call with commerical signal boosters. Speed up your business with the best mobile phone boosters that boost cellular up to 50X stronger in hard-to-reach region. So you can always keep up with emails, stay in touch with business partners.

HiBoost offers a wide range of different solutions to cater for all needs, so if you just want to boost voice calls or 3G data alone, it's possible to purchase a Single Band (Hi××-EGSM/3G) booster that achieves this sole aim. Alternatively, HiBoost supplies Dual Band boosters which amplify both voice and 3G/4G data signal (Hi××-ED/EW). And for those who really need a multi-purpose all-in-one solution, there are Tri-Band and 5-Band solutions that support for voice and 3G plus 4G to be boosted, and more in the latter case (covering further mobile data frequency bands). Only the HiBoost offers a quint band mobile phone booster in Europea and Africa, incidentally.

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Tell us the truth. Do you worry that cell phone signal repeaters can overlap operator networks and guys from telecommunications bodies will come to your door with a fine? It will never happen with HiBoost! Let us prove why.

boost mobile phone signalWide-Band frequencies compatible with all mobile network operators.

High in gain to cover bigger areas with lower reception signal strength need, guarantees crystal clear calls without drops and interruptions. Save battery life for your mobile phones.

Auto Shut-Off Function

The smart self-adaptive system automatically adjust best parameters for your area, as well as the booster itself balances  power to save from cell tower interference. If there's strong input signal in the area or severe self-oscillation, HiBoost mobile signal repeaters will automatically shut off to avoid wasting resources and device damage. The function is available both on uplink and downlink. 

AGC and MGC function

Rely on smart AGC function - 51 db step control

AGC automatically regulates booster gain according to input signal strength. In other words it establishes a balance between the signal amplified indoors and the signal received outdoors, poviding unbeatable protection from interference with mobile network.  

MGC Function for Advanced Users

MGC lets you thoroughly adjust booster gain according to input signal strength on your own manually.

LCD boosterGet support from helpful LCD display

LCD display current parameters, so that you always know how your booster performs. No problem with installation as it defines the right place for outdoor antenna mounting.

At last, you can contact Huaptec professional engineers for free. 

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