MIMO Repeaters for Multi Network Cellular Coverage

What's MIMO?

MIMO means multiple input, multiple output also named as MIMO Antenna that is an antenna technology in RF communications field. It's a method for multiplying the capacity of a radio link using multiple transmit and receive antennas. 

Huaptec MIMO repeaters are used to combine multi carriers' network and extend multi network cellular coverage for voice and data.

Case: Huaptec LTE MIMO Digital Band Selective Repeater to optimize mobile network coverage in Lebanon

Mobile Operators: Alfa, Touch

Alfa and Touch are bothe stage-owned mobile operators in Lebanon. Alfa is managed by Global Telecom Holding Group from Egypt. Touch is managed by Zain Group from Kuwait. Huaptec is the main and long-term supplier for LTE MIMO Digital Band Selective Repeaters and Passive Components for these two operators.

Huaptec Device: LTE MIMO Digital Band Selective Repeater, Triple-band 900+1800+2100 MHz, with LTE 1800 MIMO, supporting 2G/3G/4G with Remote Monitoring Software (NMS). It is widely used in commercial buildings, industrial zones, hotels, residential areas, and other locations in Lebanon.


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